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KATSU-AN's Promise of Quality


High Quality Pork

Tender and juicy high quality pork selected by our professional chef.


100% Vegetable Oil

We use vegetable oil that brings out the umami of pork and cooks the katsu until crispy, while retaining the juiciness.


Original Secret Sauce

Enjoy our tonkatsu with these special sauces just like our shops in Japan.

Signature sauce: Made with 16 kinds of vegetables and fruits extract with various kinds of spices.

Apricot sauce: Fruity, sweet and tart sauce that brings our the natural flavor of tonkatsu with refreshing aftertaste.


Fragrant Breadcrumbs

Pork is carefully breaded in store, to lock in the umami. The fresh breadcrumb used is roasted and then coarsely ground, providing our tonkatsu a crispy texture and great aroma.


Japanese Koshihikari Short-Grain Rice

Firm yet springy and slightly sweet Japanese koshihikari rice, which is perfect for tonkatsu.


Fresh Eggs

We're committed to the quality and freshness of eggs used for tonkatsu. Cracked one by one, carefully in store. The secret to our fluffy batter and breading.

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